I have the following situation:

Zimbra FOSS edition behind an Apache Reverse Proxy.

For accesing the mailboxes, users can either use a mail client like Outlook/Thunderbird/etc. or the Webmail client.

For accesing with a mail client I've setup some port redirect rules for 25,110,143,993,995 ports, so every client can be seen by Zimbra Server with its originating ip. The originating IP goes into the logs.

For the webclient, in the logs I can see only the ip of the Reverse Proxy.

How can I configure Zimbra so that it will log the originating ip of the user and not the proxy ip???

I mention that the Apache Reverse Proxy is setup to forward the originating ip. I've tested this with my webserver that it is also behind the same reverse proxy.

Thanks a lot