Hi Team,

I am planing the backup in this way.

Please let us know is this a good solution.

i created two zimra open source mail servers.

1.mail.example.com another backupmail.example.com

i am creating two account on mail.example.com per user.

abc@example.com and abc.arc@example.com

I will forward all the incomming and outgoing mails from each account like

abc@example.com to abc.arc@exaple.com account

I will create a account abc@backupmail.example.com on my another zimbra server.

Then i will add an external pop account in abc@backupmail.example.com to fetch mails from acb.arc@example.com

This backupmail.example.com i am planning to put in remote location with a vpn connection to mail.example.com server for fetching mails.

Please provide your valuable suggestion on this setup.