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Thread: [SOLVED] Error when logging in to particular account: Unable to parse the search quer

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    Hello! My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

    I'm the Network Administrator for a high school here, the mail server is run at the board office of the school district, so on the email system I'm just a "user" but one of the users here is having an issue so I thought I'd post here and see if we could figure it out.

    Whenever this user logs into Zimbra, she gets the following error message:

    The web browser is Internet Explorer 8 with all updates, and any other Zimbra account here I try in the exact same browser window on the same computer has absolutely no problems and runs Zimbra very quickly and flawlessly. Once she's past this error, everything runs ok. She just clicks ok and moves on. I tried having her log into my system here as well thinking maybe it was a cache issue and had the exact same popup error. I then tried a few other Zimbra accounts and all worked great, just seems to be her account.

    Our IT staff at the board office have already tried re-indexing her account.

    Any insight as to how we could get rid of this popup on her account would be great, thanks so much!
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    Looks like she has an extraneous space in her default search query. Visit Preferences > Mail, and under Default Mail Search change is :unread to is:unread.

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    That did it! Thank you very much!

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