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Thread: open source zimbra administration console backup

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    Default open source zimbra administration console backup

    Hi all.

    I installed Zimbra few weeks ago and i want to run a backup.

    I checked on-line and from what i saw on the web interface i should have an option to backup under tools or under monitoring.

    I don't have it. any help?

    Should i have it on open source?

    If there isn't web interface backup can someone direct me to an easy backup guide by command line? im not a native to Linux. but i did manage to install Zimbra on Ubuntu 8.

    System info:
    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
    Zimbra open source


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    The backup capability is a feature of the Network Edition and is not available within the Open Source version. Have a read through Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki.

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    Default Can i aske for details on what to do with this script?


    THX for the reply.

    Like i sad before im not native to linux and scripting. can i ask what exactly to do with this LVM script what i need to edit on it, how to run it, and if i can backup it to a windows share folder?

    I install the zimbra on ubuntu based on Hardy Heron Install Guide


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