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Thread: Backup Server Options ?

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    Default Backup Server Options ?

    I've got a backup scenario in mind and I'm wondering if that's even possible.

    Currently we're using the FOSS with about 25-30 users and I wanted to do a full mailstore backups (mail is a requisite and contacts, calendar and tasks would also be a big plus).

    In August, I'm going to be switching our zimbra server deployment from the current server which is starting to show its age to a newer system (old system is 32-bit only while new one will be, obviously, x64 since the 32-bit versions is nearing the end of its run).

    However, the old server is still "adequate" for our current needs so I was wondering if there were any solutions for keeping different versions of Zimbra in sync as far as the mailstore (mail and contacts, calendars, tasks if possible) is concerned. That way, I'd have a temporary up to date solution in case of a catastrophic hardware failure.

    Most of the solutions out there either deal with NE-specific solutions or DRBD/Heartbeat which must be on identical hardware, much less differing Zimbra and OS versions.

    Is that something that can even be done hot or cold ?

    I don't care if I'd have to create accounts and do some things on both servers as the userbase is fairly small and stable but having a copy of the data ready to go (hot data if at all possible but that's probably a pipedream) with a minimum of configuration on my part on the backup server (ie: changing IP and hostname of the system to fit the main one, emitting new security certificates, etc) would be great.

    I haven't found much info about this in the wiki or on the forums as I'm guessing simply doing an rsync of the mailstore is out of the question as it'd be differing versions and I haven't seen any options in Zimbra to send a copy of all received mail to a backup server.

    Any input would be much appreciated to know if this even feasible.

    Edit :

    Should have searched a bit longer. I found this great wiki article which does exactly what I need for the e-mail side : Scripts to sync to a remote Zimbra backup machine - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I'm also in the process of testing a funambol server for BB access. Perhaps that could be used for hot synching contacts, calendars and tasks ? I need to look into it.

    Any other alternatives are welcome though. This might not be the most efficient way to do things.
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