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Thread: Tight integration with Exchange

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    Default Tight integration with Exchange

    So, we are required for operational reasons to maintain an Exchange for integration with ConnectWise (Managed Services Software | PSA Software | IT Business Automation Software | IT Services ? ConnectWise - ConnectWise). ConnectWise converts emails directly into tickets, and populates the shared address book with contacts, and the employee calendars with their scheduled tasks. What we would *like* to do, is move all our functionality over to ZCS, but have it integrate with Exchange for purposes of CW integration. Basically, Zimbra would need to do the following:

    - give us access to any messages which ended up delivered to the Exchange server, rather than the Zimbra server
    - have the GAL contain all the contacts from Exchange
    - integrate Exchange calendar data with Zimbra

    Does anyone out there have a similar setup? How well does it work? Will the free/busy interop integration, combined with the AD authentication handle all of this? Basically, I'm looking for any reasons why it would be foolish to try this, or gotchas that might occur before we invest much time in it.


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    Also VERY interested in this. Want to *backup* or *sync* with an exchange server for customer's servers.

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