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Thread: Global Address books - integration

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    Default Global Address books - integration

    I am working with a client who also uses Zimbra 6 network edition and we would like to share our our GAL's with each other and sync them. Is there a way to do this?


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    Default Tutorial how to Create GAL for your Company domain!

    GAL is very easy to Configure out .. just follow these steps.

    ###Create Address book for GAL in Private user account eg; ####
    1)Just Create new mail account configure for Global Address book , eg.username=gal
    2) Go to its mailing account ->Address Book ->Create New Address book ->Name->MyCompnayGAL
    3)Add All Email Address with all details regards to your compnay profile

    ##Associate GAL to your Domain ###
    Login to Admin panel https://yourdomain:7071
    Go to Manage Domians->yourcompany Domian->On Above Menu Select->Configure Gal->
    GAL mode:internal
    Most resutl returnd by GAL serach :100
    GAL sync Accoutn Name ( -> refer to Account created for Address book
    DatasoureName for internal Gal:MyCompnayGAL ->Address book Name you created
    internal GAL pooling interval:1 ( minutes) ->Gal Update time

    ##How to Enable GAL on your domain users accounts Globally through COS ##
    Go to Admin GUI panel ->Configureration->Class of Service->Default(or any other Active COS )->Features
    ->General Feautres
    Select->Global Addresss List Access
    Select->Autocomplete Form GAL

    Address Book Options->
    Select->Enable Automatic Adding of contats
    Select->Use the Gal when Autocompleteing Addresss
    Contact per page:100

    Great now all users have Updated Address book with user Address book in

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