We are evaluating the Network Edition of Zimbra and so far I like it. I have one fairly major problem, however. It seems a few Zimbra services stop working following a network outage. I have seen this happen twice now. If the machine Zimbra is running on loses network connectivity, some of the services stop and need to be manually restarted after network is restored. Is this a known issue? I did some searching and couldnt find anything on this. I am wondering why this happens and if it can be fixed/worked around.

[zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmcontrol status
Host zimbra.intranet.hyperic.net
antispam Running
antivirus Stopped
zmclamdctl is not running
ldap Running
logger Running
mailbox Stopped
tomcat is not running
mta Stopped
zmsaslauthdctl is not running
snmp Running
spell Running