I have a zimlet that should only be available for a handful of selected users. I deployed the zimlet and then changed the default-COS (the only COS I have) and deactivated the zimlet for this COS. I only acticated it manually for the choosen ones.

But every user can activate this zimlets in its settings.

Even if I deactivate the zimlet in them domain-configuration, the users can activate it in their settings.

Thats strange. I checked the users-config in the admin-console and their zimlet-settings are at "use COS-settings"

So I have two questions:

* The zimlet-setup in COS- and domains-settings are only a "recommandation" for the user-accounts? How can I force a setting on my users?

* I never got the hang on COS-setup and domain-setup? each user is in a COS and in a domain. What settings apply if the COS-settings are different from the domain-settings. Which settings overrule the other?


ps: if anyone wonders what mystical zimlet is only allowed to a handful users. Its the zimlet that connect to our accountant-software and the happy ones are the users that will not have the zimlet