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Thread: Sharing questions and a potentially alarming sharing bug?

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    Question Sharing questions and a potentially alarming sharing bug?

    Hi everyone

    I'm gradually migrating users over from MS SBS 2003 (only 13 users total) and looking to replicate our extensive nested Public Folders system.
    We're planning to have a dedicated "company" account which is shared between all users of a particular distribution list.

    I see that for users to be able to accept shares and access them they need to have sharing enabled in their COS.
    However that also means that they can create shares for other users.

    1) Can I set it so that users can accept/mount/access/unmount shares... but not create shares for other users?

    2) Can the sharer force the name (mount point) and colour onto the user?

    3) Ideally forcing shares to be auto-mounted and preventing users from dismounting would be properly awesome as well. Is that possible?

    4) In my testing I've noticed a slight inconsistency with the users Sharing section in the Preferences of the Ajax UI.
    If user X shares a mail folder with subfolders to user Y, then user Y only gets a single share request e-mail.
    If user Y then deletes a subfolder from the share, it goes into user Xs Trash (really cool!).
    User X then restores that subfolder into the share... fair enough it takes a few minutes for that to appear again or a logout/login for user Y.
    But if user Y then goes into Sharing Preferences and uses the function to search for folders shared by user X, the deleted and now restored subfolder appears as a separate share request in the "not yet accepted" section.
    Even though that subfolder is happily displayed again under the original share.
    ... does that make any sense?
    Means a user could then create an a mount point for the subfolder whilst the parent folder is also shared.
    Fair enough if user X wants to share the subfolder again or with different permissions for example but in this case I don't think it should appear as a separate/new share request for user Y.

    5) Another thing I've just noticed... pretty concerning!
    If user X shares a folder with subfolders to user Y, user Y has r+w permissions.
    User Y deletes the main mount point (the root of the share) so it appears in their own Trash.
    That's fine... as those actions don't affect the share and its contents as far as user X or any other users are concerned.
    However if user Y then right clicks the mount point that's sat in their Trash and selects "Empty Folder", then the entire contents of that mount point is deleted... from user X's mailbox completely
    Those deleted items/subfolders don't even end up in user X's Trash, just gone
    The parent folder that was the root of the share is still present in user X's mailbox but completely empty.

    Would it not be better to prevent users being able to permanently delete mail items/folders that are shared with them, even if they have Manager/Admin permissions?
    Anything a user deletes should be moved to the sharer's trash, then it's subject to the sharer's trash retention policy.

    Anyone got any comments/suggestions on these or able to replicate these final 2?

    Cheers, B
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