Hi all,

Forgive me if this has been posted in the wrong forum, happy to be told where it should be posted.

When I review the /opt/zimbra/log/spamtrain.log log file I get the following message everytime;

"netset: cannot include as it has already been included"
Now I have worked out that the message is being caused by the following stanza in /opt/zimbra/conf/salocal.cf

which in turn is a result of the following code in /opt/zimbra/conf/salocal.cf.in

%%uncomment VAR:zimbraMtaMyNetworks%%trusted_networks %%zimbraMtaMyNetworks%%
Having searched the web it turns out that since version 3.2.0 of spamassassin is hard coded as a trusted network (src: 'Re: what is "netset: cannot include as it has already been included"' - MARC).

I assume that if I remove from zimbraMtaMyNetworks in the zimbra configuration (zmprov gs my.domain.com) zimbra will fall over in a heap. Could anyone please confirm this?

Now the question (sorry it's taken a while). How do I prevent from being added to the salocal.cf file without hacks and or patches? I think I will need to submit this as a bug but could do with some guidance.

Cheers ws