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Thread: Change Disk Usage Colors

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    Default Change Disk Usage Colors

    Is anyone else been as annoyed as I am about the extremely pale yellow used for the Disk Used chart in the server stats on the admin page? The first two are blue and a slightly paler blue, but the third is a pale yellow almost not visible against the white. My HSM is the third disk so I need to watch it periodically.

    Is there a way this could be changed user side (and stay changed?) or is this needing to be done by the devs?

    Also, is there a way to remove drives from those same charts which are not currently mounted? In the past I have had USB drives plugged in and it always seems to pick them up.
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    I've noticed the same issues, but they haven't bothered me enough to do anything about them.

    If you'd like, you could file an RFE and post the bug # here.

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