for our company, we added a special user who created some "Shared Mailfolders". Those are used to share and archieve information with many other users in the system. The folders are shared with all users in the system and they all added it to their folder-structure. Editing them over the webaccess works fine, but we have two problems working on them with IMAP:

1. Over the webacces, we can add, edit and delete mails and folders. Over IMAP it is possible to create subfolders, but not to delete them ("RENAME failed. Cannot rename mailbox to other user's namespace"). Do I have to configure my Thunderbird in any other way or is this a known bug?

2. Thunderbird doesn't recongnise the fourth level of subfolders. In example, if I see a subfolder "SharedFolder/Subfolder/SubSubfolder/SubSubSubfolder" in the webacces, I don't see it in Thunderbird. There is a special trick, which makes it work: If I add another subfolder on the same level (i.e. "SubSubSubfolder2", the others appear immediatly. Is this phenomenon known or is there a solution for this?

Thank you very much
Willy Frucht