I previously had an expired ZCS Network Edition (5.0.5) that was upgraded to a 5.0.23 FOSS, then to 6.0.5 FOSS (incrementally through several iterations-it took a while, but didn't have issues).

I am attempting to use the user-specified forwarding address both via the administration console and also while logged into one of the accounts, and emails come in, arrive at the inbox, but do not forward out. I am able to send a direct email from the account to the same address without problem. I have already checked for the accoun's preferences in the Admin console "Allow sending email from any address", and nothing seems to work. The same result comes from setting up a filter that forwards an email out. My system's maillog (/var/log/maillog) via syslog shows the incoming email, but no attempt to send it out. It's acting like I never specified a forwarding address.

If I specify a notification address, I do get the notice from postmaster to the external address.

I'm at a loss to determine what is causing this or what to do to fix it.

I have a second FOSS zimbra server (5.0.23) and it's doing the forwarding properly. I'm scared to upgrade that to the latest 6.0.6

Can anyone lend an idea how to fix this? I'm on tech support duty for a friend this weekend, and need the forwarding to work properly ASAP.