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Thread: isbn-number search didnt work

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    Default isbn-number search didnt work


    a customer from us has a lot of isbn-numbers in his mails, but cannot search for them.

    When he searches for eg: 978-4-04-854463-4 (the complete number) then he will get all mails with this number.
    If he searches for 978-* he will find all mails with the number above.
    If he searches for *4463-4 he didnt find anything.
    If he searches for 9?8-4-04-854463-4 (question mark) he didnt find anything
    Backslashes like \* or \? or settting in "" didn't work either.

    I have tested with several methods but i didnt find the mail except the first example.

    I have no idea how to use the find-function when i only search for a subpart of the number...

    Perhaps someone has an idea?
    You can check this out, if you send yourself an email with the number above in the body

    Ah, and we have Zimbra 6.0.6 NE Edition, currently.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Nobody has an idea yet?

    thanks in advance,


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