I am in the process of trying to recover from a hardware failure (CPU/mobo).

I have successfully installed a "dummy" copy of Zimbra and restored all of the mail files.

However, I am struggling with getting mail to flow properly. I did not change the host name or configuration at all.

Here is my situation:

I originally set up Zimbra with a "dummy" domain: zimbra.datacenter.inc. This was an internal DNS scheme, meaning no one would send mail to the datacenter.inc domain. I then created users with valid domains (i.e. coopermackenzie.com, streetlevelfm.com, thedirksfamily.us etc.). Prior to the hardware failure, Zimbra was working perfectly and routing mail to these alternate domains. On the old hard drive, I can find no evidence that I had an internal DNS server set up.

However after I rebuilt a new machine, I decided to try and make it closer to what it should be. Therefore, I have been trying to follow all of the articles and advice for using BIND and Split DNS. However, I cannot get mail flowing. As long as I check the "Enable DNS lookups" checkbox, mail will be delivered to external domains. However, in order to receive inbound mail, I have to uncheck this setting and then outbound mail sits in the "Deferred" queue.

I am at my wits end and cannot figure this out. I have searched the forums and tried to follow all of the wonderful advice...to no avail.

Please help.