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Thread: [SOLVED] ZCS Import Wizard - Unexpected Error

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    Default [SOLVED] ZCS Import Wizard - Unexpected Error

    Just started with Zimbra (reseller) and have the desktop working and it is in synch with the Zimbra online account. Now I am trying to import my Outlook 2007 pst file into Zimbra.

    I get as far in the wizard as this.............
    I have provided the PST Filename, ticked import into account,
    accepted the default admin port 7071, and ticked 'use secure connection'.

    It then goes away for a short while and returns with the error

    "Application Exception", Unexpected error. According to the documentation it is supposed to then ask which items to import, Calendar entries, email etc.

    I would appreciate any assistance on this.

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    Hi Richard,

    Try again, this time after you browse and provide the PST file to use, un-select the box "Import into Account"

    The credentials you provide in the previous step (hostname, port, ssl, username & password) will be enough to push the selected PST into that Zimbra account.

    Also watch out for importing large (10MB+) emails/attachments you will need to modify windows regedit to allow for that; after backing up regedit of course.

    Feel free to take a look at the walk-through I use for this.
    Importing a PST into Zimbra | DataSync University


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    Default That's it working now

    Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Your linked artile is very useful too as it mentions switching off the 10MB limit. Cheers!

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