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Thread: Help, messages gone!

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    Default Help, messages gone!

    We've been migrating someone away from an old POP server to Zimbra, but one of their folders seems to empty out randomly.

    mailbox.log shows no activity on that folder and hovering over the folder shows that it still has 6943 messages at 485MB. zmprov gaf -v shows the
    proper count too, but any client that tries to view the folder comes back with no downloadable messages.

    The Web client also shows nothing when the folder is clicked on, but the folder still displays proper counts.

    Is there a corrupt database entry somewhere? What can we do to reclaim the messages? We can reload them, but since this is the 2nd time we want to find a solution/cause rather than reload the old mailbox weekly.

    We will try reindexing, but will hold off until after hours as his mailbox total is around 26GB of stuff.


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    Default Reindex didn't help

    A reindex didn't help; the folder still lists a message/size count, but is empty when accessed.

    The MySQL database passed an integrity check and there are no error logs either.
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