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Thread: Moving servers to a new name

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    Default Moving servers to a new name

    Well, as the march of time goes on, so does the age of our hardware. With it, comes the inevitable upgrades/new servers.

    I seem to be in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I have been tasked with renaming our existing postal server, to We are retiring this machine, and rather than migrate several years (And when I mean years, its well back to 2000), we would like to just simply deploy a newer machine, taking its place so that we dont have to relink 5 sql databases and CRM software that points to this machine via DNS. The MTA will be disabled so that nobody can send mail from it.

    Why not just make an alias? This didnt work. The noodle that programmed our DB's used a mix of the DNS name and IP.

    I have a staff of ONE, me, and I dont have budget to hire a DBA to change records. I was brought on as of last year and the prior admin left things in an odd state.

    Any help pointing me in the proper direction would help greatly.


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    How about this procedure: ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki - obviously you should take a full backup before making significant changes to the server.


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