Hi guys,

We have two zimbra sertup which contain different domains :

For example :

Server 1 Details :
IP :
FQDN : mail.example.com
Domain Configured : abc.com, def.com, ghi.com
Total number of users on this servers : 2600

Server 2 details :
IP :
FQDN : mail2.example.com
Domain Configured : jkl.com,mno.com,pqr.com,vwx.com
Total number of users on this server : 350

Both zimbra configuration have all zimbra componenets (ldap,mta,store) with single installation.

These both servers are located in different cities. Now management would like to move domain and users of server 2 to server 1.

I have gone through below link :
2008 September » Zimbra :: Blog

As per my understanding, this link explaining migration from sever 1 to server 2..but server 2 will be fresh installation...in my case both servers are in production environment and having their own domains and user mailboxes.

And I am using open source edition...

Is it possible to do migration in this senario ?

Please suggest.