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Thread: [SOLVED] postfix link in 6.0.7 to old folder - MY MISTAKE

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    Default [SOLVED] postfix link in 6.0.7 to old folder - MY MISTAKE

    Just upgraded to 6.0.7

    The link /opt/zimbra/postfix
    still points to /opt/zimbra/postfix-
    instead of the new release /opt/zimbra/postfix-

    Will this cause any problems ?

    What is the command to fix this link ? And should it be run as zimbra or as root ?


    EDIT: Problem was some kind of weird caching in WinSCP

    SORRY for wasting your time
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    Not on my CentOS upgraded server it dowsn't:

    lrwxrwxrwx   1 root   root      28 Jun 15 09:09 postfix -> /opt/zimbra/postfix-
    You should create the link to the correct folder, take your pick of options on how to do it.


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