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Thread: Ham going into Spam issue

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    Default Ham going into Spam issue


    One of our clients is having issues with their internal email, basically their IP is now recognized as in a dynamic block list and the emails they send to each others are going directly into the Junk folder mainly because of those two rules : RCVD_IN_PBL=3.335 & RCVD_IN_RP_RNBL=1.31.

    As those users are authenticated, why is the Spam check even enabled?

    We upgraded to the lastest version (6.0.7) on friday, maybe the upgrade triggered the issue.. any idea how to fix this?

    Thank you!

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    You could customize to assign a higher negative score for ALL_TRUSTED. But you may also need Bug 44384 - Bypass SA for emails sent from internal ZWC users (or provide a way to score them). Note that there's a workaround in the bug report.

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