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Thread: Split Domain and calendars

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    Default Split Domain and calendars

    Hi all:

    I'm running two Zimbra installations: 1 ZCS NE and 1 ZCS OSE, both with a "split domain" configuration according to:

    Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Messaging (send/receive e-mails) works fine, but users from ZCS OSE aren't able to share folders with ZCS NE users (and viceversa) because their Zimbra Server doesn't find the user to share with.

    Is there any solution to solve this issue? I'd appreciate some ideas.


    P.D: Sorry, my english isn't good but I hope you can understand what I try to say.

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    Dear Sir

    I have setup the same way with zimbra open source edition and network edition on split domain concept. my incoming & outgoing mails are working perfectly.

    I want to share zimbra calender with open source and network edition vice versa.

    If any one implemented this , Could you please let us know how to setup this ....

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