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Thread: Zimbra 80 Port refuses connections

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    Default Zimbra 80 Port refuses connections

    Hi Forum

    Today I was being trying to change the default port (80) for zimbra webmail interface to another non-traditional port.
    My ZCS works with Apache (httpd) and not with tomcat as some posts says.

    I run the following command

    [zimbra@zimbra conf]$ zmprov ms zimbraMailPort 88

    I try to restore the port with the same command
    [zimbra@zimbra conf]$ zmprov ms zimbraMailPort 80
    But stills without fixed.

    After run

    [zimbra@zimbra conf]$ zmprov GetConfig zimbraMailPort
    zimbraMailPort: 80
    was a response... but when I try to log into the webmail I can't

    Exists any way to back to the default http port for webmail service.

    Using Apache and not TOMCAT?


    Eduardo Mejia

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    Did you restart ZImbra after making the change? You really should set ZImbra to use https for the Web UI not https, go to the wiki and search for the word 'zmtlsct' and use that.


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