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Thread: High kernel CPU mode and not because

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    Default High kernel CPU mode and not because

    Hello, We especially sorry for the English goggle,
    I have high usage of cpu time on my host (Windows 2003) and GUEST (Debian 5)
    I am aware that the optimization is quite complex .. but the truth is that after reading tutorials .. I'm half disappointed and anger for not having come to nothing ... and you are my last resort ..
    If someone wants to help me how to interpret the data, they are grateful, not have to be to explain in great detail, will join you do not understand what I remember from college and what you find google. I need is guidance to realize the concepts of operating systems.

    Well, after an "introduction", we record:

    I have read several tutorials on how to optimize, as well as understand and analyze CPU usage, but the only conclusion I've drawn is difficult to know where the problem ..
    I have 15 active accounts, enters all web traffic I have few mails (742 and 924 Received Delivered - see details below), I feel that I have no great amount of traffic but a high use of kernel mode usage and not as a deduction in % using that kernel, to focus the optimization parameters for playing because playing parameters do not like and do not learn as well ..
    The guest arrives to 100% for 2 or 3 seconds .. and the host sent (HostCPU3.JPG)

    I sent several log ( iostat.log, mstat.log, mpstat.log, sar.log, fdisk.log, df.log, mount.log) with the parameters 5 20 for each command.
    In / opt is the zimbra and imbox. and now that I look at are 18GB on Linux and Windows are 20GB files composed of 16 top-2G.

    As you can see the high consumption of% sys is the host and guest, but apparently not ram, because you put linux swappiness = 0 and watching the memory consumption on the host, the VMware does not consume more than 1.8GB.
    Something else is doing the Linux kernel .. but is not it ..

    Thanks, and another thanks for any guidance I can get ..

    The server host is a
    HP ML350 G4
    CPU 1 Intel (R) Xeon (TM) CPU 3.40GHz (Nocona)
    2 SCSI disks in RAID mirror.
    RAM 3G
    HOST OS: Windows 2003 SP2

    The Guest (using VMWare Server 1.6)
    Debian 5.0
    Zimbra 6.0.6
    2.2GB RAM
    [Note: with swappiness = 0]

    Mails daily report

    Grand Totals

    Received 742
    924 Delivered
    0 forwarded
    17 deferred (50 deferrals)
    3 bounced
    9 Rejected (0%)
    0 reject warnings
    0 Held
    0 discarded (0%)

    32318k bytes Received
    Delivered 43943k bytes
    119 senders
    75 sending hosts / domains
    74 recipients
    31 recipient hosts / domains
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