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Thread: 4.0 RC1 Deferred queue problem

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    Default 4.0 RC1 Deferred queue problem

    I'm not sure if this is related to 4.0 RC1 or if it would have happened anyway.

    Before the upgrade I only ran into the redo.log permissions problem (Debian 3.1) if the server was shut down without first ..... zmcontrol stop

    Now it seems to happen sometimes just by running zmcontrol stop

    After such an occurance, I noticed 6 emails in the Deferred queue & requeuing them doesn't clear them. Other email is being delivered successfully while this is happening.

    The error for all of them is

    Reason: host (hostname ip address) said 451 4.0.0 temporary message delivery failure, try again (in reply to end of data command)

    If I look in /var/log/zimbra.log just after requeuing a message I see "Requeued: 1 message"

    but nothing else on that message in the log before it goes back to deferred.

    This happened earlier & running the installer again cleared the messages, but there must be an easier way?
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