I have a number of issues with the import wizard:

1. If a .pst file is run through the Import Wizard more than once (mainly because it failed previously), users should take note of, instead of ignoring previously imported items on the Import Option to ensure no duplication. The description used is very misleading and did the complete opposite!

2. If a .pst file is run through the Import Wizard a third time, it will only take note of what was imported in the second time and ignore what was in the first time. For example, on 1st try, it imported 100 emails. On 2nd try without tick to use the log file, it imported 10 emails. On 3rd try with tick on use the log file, it imported from the 11th emails onward

3. Is there a tool to remove duplicates, especially duplicates created by the import wizard? If not, what techniques do you guys do to resolve this? Export back into Outlook to remove duplicates, then import back into Zimbra?

4. The most horrible issue: It appears that the import wizard wipe off existing emails in the inbox rather than merging. Can anyone confirm this?