I'm looking for a solution that I can run email/calendar/contact sychronization with my iphone.

I have a pretty good server that I am not using and I was hoping to use the Zimbra server on this server to run my email server. I need the functionality of syncing my iphone for emails and contacts and calendars to my iphone.

The Network Edition of Zimbra is not financially practical for me because the size of my business is small (right now) - only 2 users.

Can anyone suggest anything that I can use to accomplish this?

I tried using GMail but the custom address doesn't work when sending emails from my iPhone and it shows my gmail address as the FROM email address when I don't want that.

I want to receive all messages on my iphone (email@domain.com) and when I send messages I want it to show the same email address.

I've been searching for days but I can't find the solution.

Please help.