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Thread: change web server mode from http to redirect?

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    Default change web server mode from http to redirect?

    Dear all,

    one of our customers implemented zcs 5.0.9 (open source edition) in multi server mode(total 2 servers), they set web server mode to "http" in the beginning and hope to change to "redirect" (or "both") recently.

    is there any concern to run "zmtlsctl redirect" command in multi server environment or is there anything we should clarify before to run this command?

    secondly, we're also going to import the commercial certificate after switching to "redirect" or "both" mode. again, is there anything we should pay attention to first?

    Thanks in advance.

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    have a look at CLI zmtlsctl to set Web Server Mode - Zimbra :: Wiki.

    From what I've seen it shouldn't matter much, just be sure to restart your services after the change.

    I don't think this will affect your certificates.

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