Hi all!

I 've a problem creating an new external account. If I press the test-button I receive the message "Error: connection reset".

In the logfile I found the lines:

com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: system failure: Unable to connect to POP3 server: DataSource: { id=TestId, type=pop3, isEnabled=false, name=Test, host=mail.myserver.com, port=110, connectionType=cleartext, username=mail@myserver.com, folderId=-1 }

I m sure that I entered the right values for username, mailserver and password. And I tested a lot of other pop3 accounts.

Is there any option to get more detailed information about the error?

I installed the zimbra community edition for debian 5 / 64 Bit.

Perhaps this would be an other important information: I 've installed a Debian 5 / 64 Bit OS with a minimum of services. In the debian setup I unchecked all the options (for web-,mail-,dns- and otherservers, and I also unchecked the desktop and standard-system.)

Some days ago I installed a ubuntu 8.04 / 32 bit server and installed the zimbra community edition for ubuntu / 32 bit. With this installation I ve no problems to add new external accounts. It worked quick and fine.

Has anybody a hint for me?