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Thread: Strange behavior after ZCS migration from 32 to 64 bit system

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    Default Strange behavior after ZCS migration from 32 to 64 bit system

    Hello everyone,
    I have performed a migration ZCS server form 32 to 64 bit to the same version 5.0.20_GA_3127 OpenSuse 10.2 (32 bit)
    to RedHat Enterprasie Linux 5 5.0.20_GA_3127.RHEL5_64_20091102122116 RHEL5_64 FOSS edition
    Everything was fine.
    But after a while users start reporting than some strange symbols are adding to the email content from time to time.
    After investigation I noticed if the user is using signature and it's contains
    none english symbols (in my case it's in a French language ) in it the email will be attached with some unknown digital symbol at the bottom of the email .
    Please see attached pictures.
    If someone faced with this problem please help.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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