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    Default New problem

    After not be able to save at global settings tab i did make a backup , reinstalled zimbra nad now try to restore.
    Message i get is:

    Error code: service.LICENSE_ERROR Message: number of accounts exceeds the limit: 50 Details:soap:Receiver

    and i have just 18 accounts...

    and unforunately i have already migrate messages from my old imap to zimbra.
    This is starting to be a nightmare...come on...!!!!!

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    Did you add accounts and delete some? There is apparently still this bug out there: Deleted accounts don't update license count until server restart

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    Many thanks for your reply.
    I did a full backup and cause i had several problems as could not save at global settings tab i did reinstall zimbra and restore accounts.
    Now the only problems that "seems" to have since i did bypass this message is that i have actually 18 users and license seems to understand 37 users.

    Many thanks

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