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Thread: No more Canonical Address.. and now?

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    We just switched up from 5.0.23 to 6.0.8 and I realized after that Canonical Address is now gone. We too have an environment where our addresses are, but our AD logins are LASTfirstinital. Personas just isn't going to cut it for us.

    How do I provision this now? We have 90 accounts that seem to be working as they did before, but going forward I have no way to set this? Not impressed.
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    The best I've come up with is:
    1. Disable "allow sending email from any address".
    2. Under "allow mail to be sent only from these addresses", add the alternate email address.
    3. View the user's mailbox.
    4. Under "primary account settings", change the "from" address to the alternate address.

    However, the user can still switch themselves between the original and alternate addresses...

    I'm dealing with a primary domain and an alias domain, with some users requiring their "from" address to be the alias domain. Setting their canonical address was an easy way to set this up without messing around with personas or aliases.
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    I very much agree with all of the previous complaints.

    Our site has ~30k active zimbra accounts (plus many more inactive) and we use the canonical address religiously to provision accounts differently depending on which college/department they're in.

    Removing the canonical address feature would be a major issue for us.


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