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Thread: Appointment interval options changed in 6.0.7?

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    Default Appointment interval options changed in 6.0.7?

    Hello all,

    Prior to 6.0.7 (on most recently), our users were able to create appointment intervals of fifteen minutes via the drop down menu (in the regular appointment add or quick add). There was a separate drop down menu for the hour and minute fields.

    This appears to have been changed in 6.0.7, with a single drop down menu for hour & minute giving intervals of half an hour only. Is there a way to revert this change (either on a per user basis, or server wide)?

    Yes, the users can manually overwrite the time, but it isn't as quick & easy as it was before.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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    Did you ever get a response on this? I hate it when a software feature goes backwards.

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    EDIT: OK yes I do see the same issue as you. I thought you were referring to the REMINDER time, but I was incorrect. My users haven't complained about this yet.

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    This was supposed to be an improvement: Bug 20344 - Easier way to enter appointment start & end times

    If it's an issue for you (and it sounds like it is) you should probably open a new RFE to make the change optional (maybe part of user Preferences) and post a comment in bug 20344 pointing to it.

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