I may have found a bug in the zimbra addressbook

perhaps it is a known bug, but I didn' t manage to find it on here.

Here' s the problem

in the addressbook you can either show all contacts or show them by letter.
when we show the contacts by letter and there is less then 100 (so it fits on 1 page) there is no problem. you can only see the contacts with that letter
when you have over a 100 contacts for one letter (lets say we have 350 contacts in the letter G), there is a possibility to go to the next page.
when you come on the 3rd page (350 contacts) zimbra doesn' t stop at the last contactperson with the letter G, but continues to show all contacts after that letter.

Is there a patch for this problem?

I hope I made myself clear on this problem, it kind of hard to explain.

kind regards