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Thread: User Preferred Time Zone

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    Default User Preferred Time Zone

    There seems to be an issue with the setting of User Preferred TimeZone through the Web Client.

    I am in Dublin, Ireland - which is GMT/BST. The correct time zone should be Europe/Dublin or Europe/London is equivalent as we observe the same daylight savings rules.

    If I set my timezone to GMT +00:00 Britain, Ireland, Portugal through the Web Console -> Preferences tab, I would expect it to set my zimbraPrefTimeZoneId to be Europe/London. What I am seeing, however, is that it is getting set to UTC instead.

    This is incorrect, as UTC does not have a daylight savings change.

    Bizarrely, if I set my preference to GMT/UTC Coordinated Universal Time through the Web Console, it saves my preference as Europe/London

    Has anyone else noticed similar issues ?

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    Yes, when our users set their time zone to e.g. Brussels, Amsterdam, ... it circulates between Brussels, Africa, etc. (all GMT +1).
    Whenever you log on again, a new time zone is displayed, sometimes with, sometimes without daylight savings.
    This is on ZCS- 64 Ubuntu 8.04

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