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Thread: Using Mail or Address Book (OS X) and LDAP... is it possible?

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    Default Using Mail or Address Book (OS X) and LDAP... is it possible?

    Hey guys,

    I have successfully setup Thunderbird to use our Zimbra's LDAP server and it's pretty sweet. Thing is, most of us, including myself prefer Mail yet I can't seem to get LDAP working with Address Book or Mail.

    Before I go batty trying to make it work, IS IT even compatible with Address Book or Mail?

    Thanks in advance guys, Zimbra is truly an amazing piece of software.

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    Works for me, using auth but not ssl.

    - check Automatically complete addresses
    - Configure LDAP: add an entry for your zimbra server with:
    search base: [blank]
    port: 389 (default)
    use SSL: not checked
    scope: subtree
    password: myzimbrapassword
    auth type: simple

    Address a new email. Start typing someone's first name, wait a sec, and will make a suggestion from Zimbra LDAP. (Make up a test account in Zimbra that isn't in Address or's previous recipients list, to confirm.)

    Setup and use in Address Book is pretty much the same, only it's under Preferences:LDAP.

    Problem with doing authentication is that it's yet another password entry that has to be updated when you change your zimbra password. Haven't tried it with SSL.

    - Adam
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    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the reply.

    This is very half working as I have noticed just now. I added contact through the web interface (one that DOES NOT) exist in my local address book and when I search for him, I get nothing.

    Now, I open up Address Book I click on Directories and the list is empty. I search for a contact that has been in my online contact list for a long time and it shows up. However, if I again, search for the new contact I get nothing.

    Now on top of ALL this, I don't see the point of LDAP in Address Book unless when I click Directories and then my selected Directoy it shows all the contacts in that directory.

    Does yours show you contacts natively, or only when you search?


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    LDAP entries only show up when you search. This is true of all LDAP directories I've seen.

    I may be mistaken, but I think the LDAP lookup is only for the global address list. For personal contacts, use the Zimbra iSync conduit.

    - A.

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