Hi all,

I have just added a second domain to my ZCS installation. ZCS was originally installed with xyz.com as the sole domain. I have now added the abc.com domain without issue.

I have two users;

xyz_user belongs to the xyz.com domain and abc_user belongs to the abc.com domain.

When I navigate to webmail.xyz.com is should and logon as xyz_user without having to enter the '@xyz.com'. I believe this is normal behaviour. However when I navigate to webmail.abc.com and try to logon as abc_user (without the @abc.com entered) I am unable to logon.

As far as I understand zcs is supposed to pickup with url I have entered and then infer from that which is the default domain.

Could someone please help me so that xyz_user doesn't have to specify @xyz.com when they have entered webmail.xyz.com as the URL and similarly for the abc_user when they have entered the abc.com URL.

ZCS is running on a single machine with one IP address. Both webmail.xyz.com and webmail.abc.com resolve to this address.

Cheers ws