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Thread: how to go form single box to multihost wihout loosing data ?

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    Default how to go form single box to multihost wihout loosing data ?

    Hello there

    I was wondering if there is a best practice document or way to move from a single server install, to a multi server install (mta , LDAP, messagestore-web) without loosing data ?

    I was thinking of maybe setting up 2 new servers (mta, LDAP) , stop zimbra, restore ldap, change ldap info to new server, and same with mta ?

    or would, wipe everything, setup new environment, restore ldap, then messages be ok ?

    Any idea ?

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    1 - Buy a second server
    2 - download the same version of zimbra packages as you have installed
    3 - untar package
    4 - ./
    5 - don't install LDAP (or, if you install it, disable it).

    Read the multi-node install guide, should ship with the admin guide
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    If you want to move your LDAP to a new server I would suggest doing this first. What you'll have to do is setup a zimbra server, install LDAP, be sure LDAP is disabled though, or it will be like doing a brand new setup. Once setup has completed then you'll have to enable the LDAP replication turning your new server into a backup LDAP. After which you can turn it into a master LDAP server, you can find out how to do this in the WIKI. Once the LDAP server is working properly then start on installing an MTA, this is quite straight forward. Once all the installations are complete you can use the zmprov utility to remove services on selected servers.

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