I did a fresh install of 4.0 RC1 on RHEL4 (zcs-NETWORK-4.0.0_RC1_272.RHEL4.tgz).

Everything is great except the logger isn't working. The server status page says 'logger service must be installed'.

In the 'servers' -> services tab, the 'logger' is checked. I've rebooted (several times), and the /opt/zimbra/startup.log says that logger started each time.

Looking at wiki pages, I tried
# logmysql zimbra_logger
but that throws a mysql error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/zimbra/logger/db/mysql.sock'

So, then I wanted to see what databases were there:
# su - zimbra
# mysql
mysql> show databases;
| Database |
| mailbox1 |
| mailbox2 |
| mailbox3 |
| mailbox4 |
| mailbox5 |
| mailbox6 |
| mailbox7 |
| mailbox8 |
| mysql |
| test |
| zimbra |

I don't see a zimbra logger db. Is it possible installer failed to create a db? I'm new to zimbra so I don't know what I should be seeing.