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Thread: Account Status Changes via the CLI Issue

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    Default Account Status Changes via the CLI Issue

    We are experimenting with the integration of Zimbra into our account management system. Our Zimbra test environment involves a pretty standard Zimbra 6.0.6 multi-server installation:

    2 LDAP servers
    2 MTAs
    2 Mailbox servers
    1 Administrative/Logging server
    1 Proxy server

    Our account management system is issuing standard Zimbra CLI commands in order to perform specified operations (create/modify/delete accounts, setting quota, changing status, etc.). This has gone quite well. However, I have run into an undesirable behavior when changing a specified account's mode. As an example, the steps that we conceptually take to place an account in maintenance mode are (run on the LDAP master host):

    zmprov ma <username> zimbraAccountStatus maintenance
    zmprov ma <username> zimbraAuthTokenValidityValue 1
    zmprov -s <zimbraMailHost> fc account <username>

    This works. The existing user's sessions are expired, and the user is informed that his/her account is in maintenance mode. However, if we then issue the following set of commands:

    zmprov ma <username> zimbraAccountStatus active
    zmprov ma <username> zimbraAuthTokenValidityValue 2
    zmprov -s <zimbraMailHost> fc account <username>

    The user continues to receive the login screen which indicates that the account is still in maintenance mode until after some period of time goes by. The goal behind two of the commands was to reduce that period of time to an immediate change in behavior, thus enabling the user to login.

    I have been unable to determine what steps need to be taken via the CLI to achieve this goal. Using the admin console to manage this is not an option. The CLI has been quite effective thus far for everything else.

    Has anyone had any success with this set of operations in obtaining a more deterministic set of behaviors? Is this a bug which I should be documenting in Bugzilla?

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    Default 6.06 Status Change Issues fixed in 6.07

    We just upgraded our installation to

    Version 6.0.7_GA_2473.RHEL5.NETWORK

    At this point, after minimal testing, the undesirable behaviors appear to have been fixed. The tests that have been performed thus far via the CLI are:

    • Login to generic user account.
    • Log out
    • Set zimbraAccountStatus to "maintenance".
    • Attempt to login to the user account. Immediately receive "maintenance mode" message on the login screen.
    • Set zimbraAccountStatus to "active".
    • Attempt to login. Login successful.

    This has also been attempted with "locked". Same desirable behavior.

    It appears that the issues have been addressed in version 6.07.

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