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    Default pop or imap


    Some users really don't want to use the webmail... change can be so difficult sometimes

    So we have a few people still with thunderbird / netscape mail. We're explaining that zimbra is there to get their mail centralized, saved etc... so i'm wondering what's the best protocol to use :
    - pop with 'leave these messages on the server' turned on
    - imap with 'offline mode' (eg, roaming users, vpn'd accounts that lose broadband connexion...)

    what are the pros and cons with the zimbra server (storage, network perf...) ?

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    I my opinion IMAP is probably a better choice if you are looking for centeralized mail. The reason being is that POP only looks at the INBOX. So if someone was to send a message from a POP client that sent message will not appear anywhere on the Zimbra system, but if an IMAP users sends a message the sent message will be put into the sent folder on the mail client as well as Zimbra.

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