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Thread: [SOLVED] SSL Cert, server and virtual hosts

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    Default [SOLVED] SSL Cert, server and virtual hosts


    I'd like to know how would the SSL cert handle the main server address and virtual host.

    Say I have a server and virtual host for

    Do I need to install 2 SSL certs, one for eash?
    The admin panel only let's me install one for the server.

    Thank You

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    You will need to purchase a UCC SSL Certificate and install that. A UCC SSL Certificate pricing is based on how many domains you intend to use the certificate for.

    You would need 2 for your example above, and since Zimbra only supports installation of 1 SSL Cert, you will need a UCC SSL Cert to secure more than 1 hostname.

    I have successfully installed UCC SSL Certs from GoDaddy, and am running one currently.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for the answer.

    I always through there were 2 types of licenses. single domain and wildcard.
    I'll look into the UCC ones.

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