Hello All,

We have been currently using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS + Postfix + Courier as our mailing solution, and we are planning to move to ZCS.

Currently, our scenario is like this:
1. We have 2 domains viz. mydomain.com and mydomain.net.
2. mydomain.com 's email has been hosted at service provider.
3. mydomain.net is on my linux server in local network.
4. All company users use mydomain.net for internal email purpose like user1@mydomain.net etc.
5. We have departmentwise email accounts at our service provider like department1@mydomain.com
6. For incoming mails (i.e. world to department@mydomain.com), we use getmail / fetchmail on our linux server (via cron) to fetch mails from service provider, and forward to internal users (user@mydomain.net)
7. For outgoing mails to out of our network, we relay through service provider's SMTP servers.
8. For outgoing mails, we use postfix's generic maps, to transform a locally valid address into a globally valid address when sending mail across the Internet (eg. user1@mydomain.net would be rewritten as department1@mydomain.com when mail goes out of our network)

I want to move to ZCS (OpenSource). It would be great help if anyone can guide me to set it up to fulfill my current scenario + ZCS's additional features are always there.

I have been familiar with linux and mail servers. I have installed and tested ZCS on my trial server, its a great product. I just want to fit it into my scenario. We are on static leased line of 1 Mbps.

Sorry for very long post, but I think it was required to let you know about my situation, and thanks a lot for reading the same.