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Thread: Missing external Mails

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    Default Missing external Mails


    some user from my system are missing some Mails.

    The Mails will be fetched from an extra pop3 Server (witch is under my control too). On this Server I see that the mail will be collected.

    If everything works fine, I see this logs on the zimbra mailserver:
    2010-07-12 15:06:09,847 INFO [ScheduledTask-3] [;mid=7;ds=extpop3;] datasource - Found 1 new message(s) on remote server
    2010-07-12 15:06:09,863 INFO [ScheduledTask-3] [;mid=7;ds=extpop3;] mailop - Adding Message: id=21646, Message-ID=<6D5190BE281C8440BC4FFA3D62D440B001555F98@other>, parentId=-1, folderId=327, folderName=extpop3.
    2010-07-12 15:06:09,889 INFO [ScheduledTask-3] [;mid=7;ds=extpop3;] datasource - Import completed for data source 'extpop3'
    When the system lost a mail then I only get the firs line of the previously posted loglines.

    Anybody an idea why this happens?

    Maybe because two users have the same data source name?

    Hope somebody can help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hupp View Post
    Maybe because two users have the same data source name?
    Do you mean two users are fetching email from the same external email account and they're using POP3? If that's the case then that's what is causing your problem, why are they doing that?


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    No, i mean etch user have an pop3 account on the other server. But the name they called the external account (data source name) is by both the same.

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