Hi all,

I have a distribution list that needs to have an appended Reply-To: address to encourage users who just click "reply" to reply to the list, not the submitting user. Previously, I'd found and followed these steps:

On my Zimbra 4.5.10 server, logged in as user zimbra, in the directory, /opt/zimbra/conf , I made the file, postfix_header_checks.in, writable by zimbra with:
# chmod u+w postfix_header_checks.in

I edited that file to append these lines:

if /^To: list1@mydomain.com/
/^To: list1@mydomain.com/ PREPEND Reply-To: list1@mydomain.com
if /^To: <list1@mydomain.com>/
/^To: <list1@mydomain.com>/ PREPEND Reply-To: list1@mydomain.com
if /^To: list2@mydomain.com/
/^To: list2@mydomain.com/ PREPEND Reply-To: list2@mydomain.com
if /^To: <list2@mydomain.com>/
/^To: <list2@mydomain.com>/ PREPEND Reply-To: list2@mydomain.com
...but I find that in ZCS 6.0.7, it doesn't work. It doesn't throw the listed Postfix errors--but it doesn't append the Reply-To: either.

Does 6.x change the way this is done, and if so, is there a better/newer solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.