THis Question goes directly to some Zimbra Mod..
Just a philosophical Question about the License Modell.

First of all i want to say i absolutly understad and support that zimbra has to make money (a thing many people missunderstood with opensource)
but i think the Way how its doen at the Moment maybe not so Optimal :-)

I mean why using 3 different Models for one Product instead of one Products with extra lincese each special service?

I Mean you could make one extra license per outlok user/ one per extra mobile user / one per separat administred domain plus extra package for support.

i dont thing you gonna sell much less that way but maybe more since some oss user will buy soem licenses for some special accounts.

its just a suggestion but i think it would bundle the oss resources (their communty) tighter and the so often heard argument that zimbra oss is just a real light version of the real product will go away

for service providers its also more flexible. we will buy the network edition no question about that. but we will also use the oss version simply because we got many small mail users (where i would make a negative with NE edition) i want to bring them to zimbra.

so what i would really appreciate is a more flexible license modell.

btw selling a license block to 25 isnt very nicly seen for many smaller companys who need lets say 30 or 35 - here zimbra cost you 1.5 more per user then for 25. hard to explain why. most heard argument was hey i can buy 5 user license for my exchange and i dont not have to pay yearly which is in fact a good argument from customer side

i also think that the starteredition is a good thing on the other hand to get rid of exchange in sohos :-)

so is there any chance or plans for more flexible licensing ?