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Thread: email account messed up, forwarding too

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    Default email account messed up, forwarding too

    I have a Zimbra server, which honestly I think is all screwed up. Is there any diagnostics I can run on all the accounts?

    Anyway, I have a user with a few domains. One business, one personal etc. They moved their personal domain to another service, now their account is screwed up.


    1) - aliases
    2) migrates to a new server and dns
    3) I change userA to userB as the main account
    4) remove from zimbra
    5) setup forwarding of mail from to external new userA account
    6) email sent to is being forwarded to userA, but also bouncing a message back to sender stating that could not be delivered.

    So something is corrupt in the zimbra db for the user, or the domains, or something?

    I appreciate any thoughts.

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    One thing to check would be to see if there's any properties left over for the original domain. Something like:

    zmprov ga | grep
    Of course, you'll get properties for forwarding, but there might be something else there that shouldn't be.

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