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Thread: ZCS 6.0.7 Language problem

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    Question ZCS 6.0.7 Language problem

    Hi all,

    In ZCS 6.0.7 installation we've got a strange problem.

    We've got the latest Norwegian translation installed and that works great in Firefox and Chrome.

    When a user with language set to Norwegian (Norsk) tries to login using Internet Explorer 8 (Norwegian OS and IE) all they get after typing in their username and password is the Zimbra logo in the middle of the IE screen on the brownish background, nothing else. In the lower left corner it says "Done" with the yellow exclamation mark in front of it.

    If I login as the user in Firefox or Chrome and then change the language to English and simply presses Refresh in the IE window, it works as a charm, in english though.

    I've tried this from both Norwegian and English OS/Browser combos, and it still has the same problem.

    Any idea what can cause this and how it might be fixed?

    Best regards,
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