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Thread: Forwarding mail to private network

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    Default Forwarding mail to private network

    Hi All,
    We are a company that actually collects spam for analysis. What I would like to do is to forward all of our catchall and other spam lover accounts to a server on our private network. My Zimbra installation has an interface on the public Internet as well as one on a private network (

    It seems like postfix wants to do a dns lookup on any mail transfers. I have tried adding the private network to "mynetworks" but it still does not work. Is the only solution doing a split DNS Setup? Any other ways to simply forward mail to an ip address on the private network?

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    Hmm if you really don't want to setup a DNS server, you *could*...

    1) Create a dummy domain to forward to 2) Change the zimbraMailTransport property of that domain to just have the machine that you want to forward to

    Not sure if it *has* to be a hostname or not, but that would be one way.

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